Access the most up-to-date Rwandan Forex Bureaus and Banks exchange rates from your mobile device with Find Rates App

  • Convert currency
  • Find Forex Bureaus &Banks rates and locations
  • Forex Bureau & Bank register themselves
  • Forex Bureau & Bank update their rates
  • Add new currency
  • Edit accounts details
  • Get help if you are stuck

Efficient and easier Forex Bureau management



  • Currency sell and buy transactions processing and generate receipts
  • Money transfer between manager and tellers
  • Lending money to other branches
  •  Expenses management
  • Create a bank account
  • Deposit and withdraw money from the bank account
  • Update currency
  • Reports for any transaction (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
  • Reports by teller (view transactions done by a specific teller)
  • Margin Report

Accurate and well ordered operations, the key to your success to your Garage.



  • Keeping clients data
  • Keeping vehicles data and relate them to their owners
  • Making repair-sheets for the vehicles
  • Managing operations and expenses for a vehicle
  • Managing general expenses
  • Make and keep invoices
  • Managing payments (even advance-payments)
  • Money transfer between the accountant and the manager
  • Managing different stocks
  • Reports (payments, pending payments, expenses, accountant case movement, stock movement )

The Shortcut is a project that is intended to make Rwandan society bright by simply explaining clearly services, products and tools used in technology of today’s modern world as it is growing very fast.

We have to go faster than it, and take advantage of it as much as possible. So we have to first understand it and stay always up-to-date in this field.


To achieve this and make Rwandan people achieve it, we made a Blog ( through which to pass Technology News, Tips and Reviews.


Now it is been 3 months that it is up and running.

Till now we have 318 uploaded articles.

We have 4310 visits and 1175 average visits per month and 206 posts reaches on Facebook.









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